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Five dogs sitting in a row

How do you assert dominance over a dog?

, by leeboyce

As dog owners, we often expect our dogs to obey commands, especially when faced with their potentially destructive behavior. We hope to prevent potential dangers and keep them safe by establishing good dominance relationships. Therefore, we pay special attention and work hard to maintain our leadership position in this relationship.

However, new owners who have just acquired their own pet dog may initially be intoxicated by the cuteness of the dog, which may lead to a certain degree of indulgence when faced with destructive behavior. This overindulgence often escalates into out-of-control rage, causing the relationship between owner and dog to deteriorate. This is an unpleasant situation that clearly does not meet our expectations of how to interact with our pets. Therefore, I think every dog owner should seriously think about and exercise their position in a dominance relationship.

However, this does not mean that we only seek control over our dogs, as this may undermine the pure desire to have a pet. Instead, our goal is to create a respectful relationship where we and our pets can spend time together harmoniously and happily. In what follows, I will share some of my experiences with dogs exercising dominance in the hope of providing some advice for you in your relationship with your dog.

1. Establish clear rules

Establishing clear rules is an important foundation for living in a community together. For your dog, knowing these rules and setting clear boundaries can help him adjust better to his home environment. In the process of establishing rules, here are some suggestions:

Make clear no-go areas: Tell your dog which areas are off-limits, such as the bedroom or dining room area. This helps ensure that areas of your home remain neat and organized.

Designate non-bitable items: Tell your dog which items are not allowed to bite. This can include furniture, shoes, etc. Provide appropriate chew toys to guide his chewing behavior. At the same time, when he behaves well, you can give him timely rewards, such as taking him to pick out his favorite toys.

Reward good behavior: When your dog follows the rules and behaves well, you can reinforce these positive behaviors with rewards. This could be a snack, a toy, or some extra time together.

Punish accordingly: If your dog makes a mistake, such as destroying furniture or soiling himself, it is necessary to punish him accordingly. You can either confiscate the treat or provide a small amount of attention to teach the dog what unacceptable behavior is.

By establishing such rules and boundaries, the dog can better understand the order in the family, and it also helps to establish good communication and trust between the owner and the dog.

2. Guidance and training

Guidance and training are an important part of spending time with your dog. When you have some free time, doing some training can help you guide your dog's behavior and clarify correct behaviors and behaviors that need to be avoided. Through training, you can not only make your dog more obedient to your command, but also consolidate your leadership position in the relationship.

3. Show leadership posture

Establishing leadership requires projecting the presence of a leader. This includes being confident, calm and determined. Avoid excessive intimacy, maintain a certain calmness and control, and show a sense of responsibility for the entire environment.

4. Provide a sense of security

The leader's role also includes providing a sense of security. Make sure your dog knows you are his protector and someone he can rely on. In this way, the dog will be more willing to accept your guidance and control.

Five dogs sitting in a row


When asserting your dominance over your dog, please be careful not to use strict control or oppressive tactics, but to achieve this goal through clear rules, training and guidance, and positive communication. This will ensure that the relationship you build with your dog is strong, positive, and enjoyable for both of you.

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