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What chew toy should I buy for my dog?

, by leeboyce

For dogs and other pets, toys are not a luxury, they are a necessity.Toys are important to your dog’s health. When you have to leave your dog at home, toys can help combat boredom and provide comfort when they are stressed. Toys can even help prevent your dog from developing certain problem behaviors.

Chewing is a natural behavior for dogs, but some puppies enjoy nibbling more than others. All dogs love to chew. Rather than letting them chew on your household items, dog chew toys help entertain, combat boredom, improve oral hygiene, and can even be used to reinforce positive behaviors.

If your dog is a huge chewer, you'll want to round up some of the best dog toys for aggressive chewers. While there is no such thing as an indestructible dog toy, some options are better than others. First, do you want your dog to eat the chew, or do you want it to be a long-lasting toy? Some toys are designed to be eaten quickly or slowly, while other chew toys are designed for play. You may want to focus on the best dental chews to ensure your dog's teeth stay in top condition.

Alternatively, you may need a long-lasting chew or one of the toughest dog chew toys for a dog that is a very keen chewer, and the best puppy teething toys are also designed to meet their different needs. Happily for dogs and their owners, there are plenty of options when it comes to finding the best chew toys for dogs.

Determine your dog’s chewing style

Before choosing a new chew toy for your dog, observe their current chewing patterns. Decide which of the following categories best describes your dog:

Gentle Chewer: This dog enjoys licking, sucking, and carrying toys (usually soft stuffed animals) without destroying them. Toys tend to last longer for gentle chewers.

Average chewing ability: Most dogs fall into this category. Average chewers may tear stuffed animals, but harder chew toys made of materials like nylon or rubber will usually not be damaged.

Power Chewer: You guessed it, this chewer is powerful. Stuffed toys are no match for these determined dogs, so durable rubber, nylon, and edible chews are better options.

Things to consider when buying chew toys for your dog

Size: Toys that are too small can get stuck in your dog’s mouth or throat, causing suffocation. Check the weight chart on the toy packaging to determine the best size for your dog.

Hardness: Don’t choose chew toys that are too hard, as chew toys that are too hard can cause tooth fractures and enamel damage.

Durability: You also don’t want your new toy to break within a week, so you can save money by choosing chew toys that are more durable.

Coatings: Edible chew toys with flavored coatings may be more appealing to dogs.

Washability: Chew toys get dirty quickly and should be made of materials that can be cleaned and disinfected.

Our pick of the best dog toys for aggressive chewers

Introducing Fuufome Food Grade Nylon Bone Dog Chew Toys - the perfect blend of fun and function for your furry companion. Our unique bone design offers engaging shapes, textures, and flavors for extended play. Crafted from safe, bite-resistant nylon, it's a dental stick alternative that naturally entices your dog to chew while promoting oral health. With a delicious bacon flavor, it curbs destructive behavior. Plus, these toys are designed to enhance teeth strength and foster interaction, making them a must-have for your dog's well- being.

Fuufome Food Grade Nylon Bone Dog Chew Toys

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