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What Should I Put in My Dog's Crate?

, by leeboyce

Crate training your dog can be challenging at first, especially for new pet owners. A dog crate is a private corner of your home for your dog, providing an ideal place to sleep and a sense of security when alone. Making sure your crate is stocked with the essentials is crucial, whether for a new puppy or an adult dog, to help them adjust better. With so many options on the pet market, we've put together a list of must-have items to help you create a loving "home" for your pet.

What Should I Put in My Dog's Crate?

1. Comfortable and warm bedding

Incorporating soft, comfortable bedding into your puppy's crate is essential to creating a comfortable environment that promotes a sense of security and relaxation. By providing a comfortable place to rest, you can help your puppy adjust to his new surroundings more easily. When choosing bedding, choose a dog bed or mat that is durable, washable, and chew-resistant to withstand your puppy's natural tendency to chew and play. This way, you can be sure that their crate bedding will remain a comfortable and secure fixture in your crate.

Adding a soft blanket or towel to your dog's crate can further enhance your puppy's sense of warmth and comfort in their dog bed, allowing them to snuggle up and feel safe. However, it's important to pay close attention to your puppy's chewing habits, as bedding can pose a choking hazard if ingested. Monitoring your puppy's behavior and promptly removing any potentially dangerous bedding will keep them safe while maintaining a comfortable and welcoming environment.

2. Food and water

Ensuring that your puppy has access to water is vital to their overall health and well-being, especially if they are in a crate for extended periods of time. To maintain proper hydration without creating a mess, consider installing a water bottle or spill-proof bowl on your dog's crate. This way, your puppy can easily quench his thirst without accidentally spilling water on his crate bedding or other crate contents, keeping his space clean and comfortable.

If you choose to leave your puppy's food in the crate, be sure to use a separate, durable food bowl that can be easily removed and cleaned. Providing a designated eating area within the crate will help reinforce good eating habits and prevent food particles from spreading throughout the crate. By ensuring your pup has free access to water and food in a clean, organized manner, you support their overall health and well-being while making their crate a more enjoyable and hygienic environment.

3. Dog toys

Another great thing to put in your dog’s crate are some of their favorite toys to play with. Whether it’s a soft toy, a squeaky toy or a harder chew toy. It’s all about creating a safe and welcoming space for your dog to spend time when they need it. Placing your dog's toys in a crate also means that all of their belongings are neatly kept in one place instead of scattered throughout your home. Many of our bespoke bedrooms are designed with integrated storage options. This means you can easily rotate your puppy’s favorite toys so they don’t get bored or overwhelmed easily!

4. Sedatives

For some, introducing a puppy to a crate for the first time can be stressful, leading to feelings of anxiety and unease. To help ease these feelings and create a more relaxing environment, consider using a calming aid such as a pheromone diffuser, calming spray, or a snuggle puppy with a simulated heartbeat. These soothing tools can provide your pup with a sense of comfort and security, ultimately contributing to a smoother crate training experience.

Before implementing any sedation aids, it is recommended to consult with your veterinarian to determine which products will best suit your puppy's individual needs and be most effective. By seeking professional guidance, you can ensure that you are given the best support as your puppy adjusts to his new crate environment. With patience, understanding, and the appropriate calming aids, your puppy will soon realize that his crate is a safe and comfortable haven.

A dog lying on the carpet

In conclusion

If you want your puppy to feel more comfortable in his new home, a dog crate can be an effective tool. It will also be a great resource if you need potty training or other life skills in the future!

The best way to use a dog crate is as a safe haven for your puppy, not some kind of prison. Make sure he has enough toys and chew items there so he doesn't get bored. Don’t forget to take him out regularly so he can go potty! Your puppy will be more likely to feel comfortable if you put it in its new space at the same time every day.


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