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Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

, by leeboyce

Dogs naturally like toys and games, not only because toys and games can help them use their hunting instincts, but also because they can help distract your dog when they play with toys or during games, so that your furniture or Other belongings are protected from dog damage. Among many types of toys, squeaky toys are especially loved by dogs, so today we will explore why dogs like squeaky toys?

Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

1. Squeaky toys attract dogs’ attention

Squeaky toys, unlike traditional dog toys, can make sounds themselves. Whether you throw them, pull them, or chew them, these processes can easily make the squeaky toys make sounds. This sound will make the dog Excites dogs, captures their interest and keeps them busy. There are even some squeaky toys with unpredictable bouncing motions that make for super fun play.

2. Squeaky dog toys satisfy your dog’s urge to chew

Squeaky dog toys don't just simply bring fun to your dog, they also satisfy your dog's primal urge to chew. Dogs love toys that they can tear apart and smell like something edible. When your dog touches a squeaky dog toy, hearing the sound it makes will further motivate them to continue playing. But when buying squeaky dog toys, pay attention to the materials they are made of to avoid buying toys that are harmful to your dog’s health. And keep an eye on your dog while they play and remove toys when they show signs of wear.

3. Squeaky toys spark their hunting instincts

We all know that wolves are animals with strong hunting abilities, and our domestic pet dogs are the descendants of wild wolves. Although we see that the behavior of dogs is not like the behavior of wolves that we know, the dogs themselves are still Has prey instinct. So when a dog is playing with a squeaky toy, the sound stimulates its hunting instinct. If no one is watching at the time, the dog will keep fighting with the toy until it completely destroys the toy to the point where it cannot make any sound. Squeak. This is actually a way for dogs to vent their desires.

4. Squeaky toys have surprising health benefits

In addition to bringing joy to dogs, squeaky toys can also provide them with several mental and physical benefits. Today’s dog toys are becoming more and more unique. Many dog toys are made of healthy materials. Some toys are even based on the health of dogs. For example, in the process of making toys, materials that can help clean dogs’ teeth are added. , so your dog can clean his teeth while playing with chewing squeaky dog toys.

Different Types of Squeaky Toys for Different Kinds of Dogs

You can find squeaky dog toys in a variety of designs, styles, and textures. What works for your dog depends on their size, age, chewing habits and prey drive.

1. The best squeaky toys for puppies

The best squeaky toys for puppies should be safe and have no pieces that can easily fall off. We love the Fuufome Chameleon because it's small and safe for letting puppies squeak to their heart's content. If you have a larger puppy, choose a Fuufome plush toy. They will love having a bigger toy and will be so amused that they can't fit the entire toy in their mouth.

2. The Best Squeak Toys for Terriers and Anatomical Dogs

If you have a terrier or like your squeaky toys to be taken apart, we recommend choosing unfilled squeaky toys.

3. Best squeaky toys for spaniels and hunting dogs

Spaniels and terriers have large mouths and like to wrap around large things. Don't think of anything immoral. For these breeds, we recommend Fuufome Toucan Squeak Toys, these also make a lot of noise.

Fuufome Bite Resistant Toucan Squeak Plush Dog Toy

Safety warning

It can be dangerous if your dog swallows even a small piece of squeaky stuffing, fabric, rubber or plastic. Toy parts are often difficult to digest and can get stuck, causing gastrointestinal obstruction. Additionally, sharp edges on damaged toys may injure your dog's mouth. Follow these tips to stay safe:
Always supervise your dog using a new toy until you know how they play with it.
Don't leave your dog alone with toys that they might destroy or disassemble.
Check toys regularly for any rips or tears that could break or could be eaten.
Stuffed toys with holes should be thrown away, or you can sew the holes shut to prevent your dog from swallowing any filling material.
Damaged plastic and rubber toys should be discarded.
Very hard plastic toys may develop rough edges after chewing. Any toys with rough edges that could harm your dog should be thrown away.
When in doubt about the safety of a toy, seek advice from your veterinarian.

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