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  • The owner high-fives the dog

    , by leeboyce Should you put puppy in crate on first night?

    Introducing a puppy to a new home is an exciting and crucial time for both the puppy and their new family. One of the key...

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  • Two dogs

    , by leeboyce What Should I Put in My Dog's Crate?

    Creating a comfortable and engaging environment within your dog's crate is essential for ensuring their happiness and well-being, especially when they spend a significant amount...

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  • The dog lay on the carpet

    , by leeboyce Is it OK to leave toys in a dog crate?

    When discussing whether it’s okay to leave toys in a dog crate, we need to consider multiple perspectives, including the dog’s safety, health, and psychological...

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  • Three puppies

    , by leeboyce Do dogs like being kissed?

    The affectionate displays between dogs and their human companions are a source of joy and bonding. One of the most common ways humans show affection...

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  • A dog is sleeping

    , by leeboyce Why Does My Dog Stare at Me?

    Have you ever found yourself locked in a gaze with your furry friend, wondering what could possibly be going through their mind? Dogs have a...

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  • The owner and the dog are running

    , by leeboyce Why Does My Dog Like to Run Away?

    Even though your dog loves you, they may like to run away sometimes. From mating instincts to hunting instincts to just plain boredom – there...

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  • A puppy lying on the carpet

    , by leeboyce best chew toys for puppies to keep them busy

    Bringing a puppy into your home is an exciting and joyous occasion, but with the boundless energy and curiosity of these furry companions comes the...

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  • A sitting dog

    , by leeboyce What is the best toy for a puppy to chew on?

    Selecting the right chew toy for your puppy is a crucial decision that can significantly impact its development and well-being. Puppies have a natural instinct...

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  • A dog walking in the forest

    , by leeboyce How to Store Dog Toys?

    In the daily life of dogs, toys are important companions and entertainment tools. We all love buying new toys for our dogs. However, when we...

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  • puppy

    , by leeboyce Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

    Dogs naturally like toys and games, not only because toys and games can help them use their hunting instincts, but also because they can help...

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  • Two dogs are running in the garden

    , by leeboyce Is it OK for dogs to play after eating?

    The age-old debate about whether it's safe for dogs to play immediately after eating has left pet owners seeking definitive answers. In this comprehensive exploration,...

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  • toy poodle

    , by leeboyce is a toy poodle a good dog?

    When it comes to choosing a furry companion, the options are seemingly endless. Among the many dog breeds out there, the Toy Poodle stands out...

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